David Wise: Shredding the Halfpipe and Breaking Stereotypes with an ‘Alternative Lifestyle’

The Sochi Winter Olympics closed over the weekend and many of the Olympic venues have grown dark and quiet.  Now, all we are left with are memories and American medalists to celebrate as they return to the States.  One of those medalists is Freestyle Skiing Halfpipe gold medalist David Wise.

David Wise is a 23 year old freestyle skier that has accomplished things that make many of his pro skiing counterparts jealous.  He has picked up victories on the Winter Dew Tour and U.S. Grand Prix as well as X Games silver and 3 X Games gold medals in SuperPipe.  He then goes to Sochi and throws down a nearly perfect run to win gold.  David had grabbed people’s attention for the tricks he could successfully execute in the halfpipe.

Yet, for as much attention as he was getting for his life inside the halfpipe, people had started to talk about David’s life outside skiing.  In an extreme sport that is characterized by taking risks, partying and living the bachelor life, David has chosen a much different way of life.  He is a married man and a daddy to a little girl.  When you compare his life to that of his competitors, David stands out.  The difference is so stark that NBC Sports reporter Skyler Wilder referred to his way of life as an “alternative lifestyle.”

Truthfully, the label of “alternative lifestyle” is somewhat appropriate.  His competitors are rarely described as mature, much less as family men.  Even our culture at large proclaims that 23 year old men don’t need to get married.  Many say, “That’s too young for a guy to make that kind of commitment.”  The natural progression in romantic relationships has become that a couple moves from dating to moving in together.

Wise bypassed his peers and the culture at large by choosing to live his life bound to his convictions and his faith in God.  He knows that his time in the halfpipe is fading quickly.  The limelight, sponsorships and Visa commercials will eventually go away.  His role as a husband and father is something that he knows will make a lasting impact in the world.

That sort of commitment is something worth celebrating.  There is absolutely nothing unique about a guy who goes out and parties every weekend.  It is more extreme and rebellious to be a committed Christian, husband and daddy because it takes hard work.  Commitment is an ideal that any Olympic athlete understands.  For Wise, commitment extends past the slopes to pursuing Christ, his wife and his daughter.  So let’s celebrate David Wise for his Olympic success and for his commitment to be a better man when he takes his skis off.

That’s one “alternative lifestyle” that we are more than willing to applaud.