Tedashii Lives Below Paradise and Isn’t Afraid To Tell You About It

For the first time in 3 years, Tedashii has dropped a brand new album called Below Paradise.  Last year, the talented emcee stepped away from music to grieve the loss of his one year old son.  “This album was birthed from my experiences after the loss of my one year old,” Tedashii tells me.

“When I started the creative process I had no idea how this album would sound, but I knew I wanted to say two things:
1) We live in a harsh world with a loving God and how we can reconcile those two truths.
2) We can love Jesus and be real with our own emotions like sadness and frustration.”

The typical hip hop album is likely to feature boasting about cash, cars or clubbing.  Below Paradise boasts in a completely different way by wholly boasting in Christ even in the midst of searing pain.  Tedashii opens up about his hurt, his struggles and his marriage as this album unfolds from track to track.  In bearing his soul, Below Paradisehas a deeply personal feel to it.

His previous album, Blacklight, drew the listener in sonically with solid beats and hip hop hooks.  Realness and transparency are the hallmarks of Below Paradise and fans of Tedashii are gravitating to that in a big way.  By Tuesday night when the album dropped, it was at #1 on iTunes’ hip hop chart and #5 on the overall chart.  This album rooted in realness is exactly what people are longing for.  Christians have often felt pressure to put on a veneer of perfection, never opening up about hurts and struggles.  However, Tedashii puts himself out there for fans to hear about the depths of his hurt but they also hear of a loving God who gives strength and grace  when pain affects us.  As God led Tedashii through hard times, he clearly saw God wasn’t looking for him to put on a perfect face.  “God isn’t looking for my human perfection,” he says. “He’s looking for my perfection through faith in Christ by His strength and His power.”

Below Paradise is features some very well known guests like Lecrae, Andy Mineo, Trip Lee, Britt Nicole, Tim Halperin and David Crowder which strengthens an already powerful album.  In addition, listeners will be treated to rising talent such as Christon Gray, Lester “L2” Shaw, Natalie Lauren, Tauren Wells and SPZRKT. This amazing ensemble of featured artists most definitely rounds out the listening experience of this album.

Many of the tracks will resonate with hurting hearts and those who have struggled through loss.  Complicated is a track that wrestles with the “maybes” of our past and that there is no comfort in second guessing our choices in life.  Love Never Leaves is a track that Tedashii describes as him, “being able to chronicle real marriage in real struggle in real pain.”  The album’s final track, Chase, is an emotionally charged song written to honor his son that he lost.  This song will certainly leave many parents broken at the thought of losing a child but equally challenged in the fact that even in the midst of unthinkable loss, God is enough and He is worthy of our faith.

To put it simply, this album is honest.  It is honest about pain but it is also honest about our loving God who can strengthen hearts and redeem hurts.  Be sure to grab Below Paradise on iTunes now.